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Visual Effects

Cinwiz offers high end visual effects for filmmakers and advertising agencies. We do everything from complex vfx-shots to simple rotoscoping, sky replacements and wire/rig-removal. In many cases we will use a combination of several disciplines like 3D, compositing, matte painting, miniatures and practical effects.

Models & Miniatures

Miniature effects are one of the oldest visual effects techniques, dating back to the silent era. Over the years, many traditional photography techniques have been replaced with computer graphics, but we believe that miniatures and practical effects are actually more viable than ever, especially when combined with digital tools. In fact, the largest and most authentic vfx based films in the world, still rely heavily on practical effects and miniatures. We are really proud to be one of the few vfx companies that combines digital and practical effects. In this way Cinwiz ensures delivery of hyper-realistic visual effects and outstanding imagery.

Sets & Props Construction

In our workshop, our art department design and build full size sets and props – often in connection with visual effects shots or sequences, but also as a stand alone service. We collaborate with the production designer, director of photography and the director to create the desired results that will fit the film. With our combined experience, visual consistency is always retained and we can quickly tell if a CGI solution is more appropriate.

Second Unit Production

Quick crew assembly – fast delivery.

Some of the shots we are hired to create involve setups that can be slightly more time consuming than standard principal photography. To help you save both time and money, we offer second unit production. Typical examples include establishing shots or vfx sequences, but also complete promos or commercials from planning to final editing. We have a large network of dedicated freelancers in all fields who are used to complex vfx setups. Even at short notice, Cinwiz can gather a talented crew that secures professionalism and a great atmosphere!

Check out our latest 2nd Unit project:

Motion Design

Aiming to push the boundaries in design and visual communication, Cinwiz creates motion design for film, tv, web and other platforms. Mixing media like live-action, photography, 3D, graphic design, analogue elements, sound design and music are used in order to create a distinct visual style. We create everything from title sequences and TV-graphics to retail-ads with efficient delivery.


Daniel French – VFX Supervisor / Director
+45 28 56 99 90


Silas Puls – Practical FX Supervisor / Supervising Art Director
+45 26 92 16 69


Sundvej 12B
4600, Køge


Cinwiz is a full service studio, based in the greater Copenhagen area. We specialize in visual effects and motion design using a combination of digital tools and practical models and miniatures. By using a broad set of tools and techniques we are able to give you outstanding imagery, even for smaller budget productions. Whether you are a film maker or advertising agency, we work together with you, from pre-production to final editing, to define the look and feel that you want for your film.